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Access Control

Begin Securing your Business and your Employees

Card Access
Card Access is designed to integrate and manage your whole building's security. Access can be controlled, monitored, and tracked as each cardholder is assigned a unique card identity. You can add or delete lost or stolen card identities in seconds.
Elevator Control
Secure specific areas of your business, by controlling elevator access. Access can be limited by locking out particular floors to all but authorized visitors and employees.         
Photo ID Badging

Design, print and produce full function ID badges for identification and building access. User imaging is fully integrated into our access control systems, allowing an operator to capture a user image, enter data, and print a new badge all from one simple interface.         

Enterphone Systems
Intercom-based access controls for apartment buildings, condos and multi-tenant commercial buildings. Comes in a variety of models and can be integrated with a video camera for additional security verification.