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Commercial Security (Everyday, businesses lose millions of $$$ to THEFT)
PROMASTER SECURITY GROUP INC.  Designs and installs Security Systems that can protect your business from unwanted intruders, monitor employee openings/closings, and dispatch authorities.
Our experts will review your needs and help you determine the best solution to address your business needs. Whether you are interested in securing your business premises to prevent internal and external theft and loss of items with an access control system, or interested in upgrading your voice and data wiring system.

Contact our security consultants to provide your business with a comprehensive security solutions utilizing the latest security technologies.

Our experts can install it all. 

Access Control
Card Access

Card Access is designed to integrate and manage your whole building's security. Access can be controlled, monitored, and tracked as each cardholder is assigned a unique card identity. You can add or delete lost or stolen card identities in seconds.


Elevator Control
Secure specific areas of your business, by controlling elevator access. Access can be limited by locking out particular floors to all but authorized visitors and employees.        

Photo ID Badging
Design, print and produce full function ID badges for identification and building access. User imaging is fully integrated into our access control systems, allowing an operator to capture a user image, enter data, and print a new badge all from one simple interface.

Parking Lot Access
Protect employees in parking lot areas as well as limiting access to your lots. Promaster Security customized solutions can incorporate security gates, complement your existing system, or use a variety of access control products including stand alone or a building card access system.

Enterphone Systems
Intercom-based access controls for apartment buildings, condos and multi-tenant commercial buildings. Comes in a variety of models and can be integrated with a video camera for additional security verification.

Surveillance (Internet Accessible)

Our Alarm Systems security consultants will work around your security priorities and design the security system you are looking for. Your security specialist will walk through your security concerns and even help determine any weaknesses in your current or existing security systems that can be covered with the addition of the proper equipment. We offer top-quality systems and the newest in technology, for the right combination of security surveillance, alarms and motion detectors to protect your company and your employees.

Our surveillance systems provide you with the quality of around the clock vigilance and digital recording features to look back in case an event should unfold. The surveillance systems we install are flexible enough to allow additional security cameras to be installed.

So as your safety and security needs change, so can your video surveillance system.  

Video and Surveillance Systems

We offer complete surveillance systems, services and installation for commercial use. A security installation expert can work with your to review features and determine the most effective video surveillance system and best placement of cameras, hardware and digital recording devices to complete security and monitoring of your property. Our installation experts will also help you access the full range of features, dependent on your security requirements such as video playback, duplication and surveillance viewing via internet browser.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Digital Video Recording allows you to record the activities of your business without the worry of changing or purchasing tapes. Features include quick, easy searches, various recording methods, multiple site connections, remote monitoring and management.

With the help of our installation experts you will determine the right surveillance systems, alarms, video recording, sensors and wiring solutions protect the areas that you need to protect most. You will also be able to review recommendations for proper system and placement of equipment to surveillance as discreetly or as prominently as you would like.


Our installation team of experts have the knowledge to setup your security or alarm system to work with VOIP systems using GSM radio solutions to transmit alarm signals. Without proper installation, your alarm system will not work, and this could easily deter the purpose of having your home OR business protected.
With our GSM radio solutions for VOIP systems, your business OR home can keep the newest technology in place and enjoy the benefits of a security system.

Voice and Data Wiring    

Installing the right voice and data wiring solution improves the performance and reliability of business network systems.  As you build your business infrastructure, our team of experts will work with you to design a voice and data cabling solution that is robust and agile enough to handle your business activities. Whether you are building a new infrastructure from the ground up, or updating an existing system, we help determine the cabling fit that provides enough bandwidth to ensure a reliable network is up at peak performance.

New Construction

PROMASTER SECURITY GROUP  designs and installs numerous systems for new construction.

When a contractor is building a commercial or residential site, our installers can oversee all of the projects low voltage and wiring needs.

Security, Fire Alarm, Video Surveillance, Intercom, Central Vacuum, Phone Systems, Voice and Data systems are just some of the services we offer.

Carbon Monoxide Detection   

Installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors can save lives. This deadly gas cannot be detected by sight or smell. Installation and monitoring of these sensors will provide the protection your family deserves.
How is Carbon Monoxide created in my home?

Carbon monoxide in indoor environments are commonly the product of heating and energy expending devices such as:
• Heaters                          • Cutting saws
• Gas appliances            • Gas powered vehicles in attached garages
• Furnaces

Fire, Heat & Smoke Detection  2210335

Fire, Heat and Smoke Detectors are the first step in the evacuation process. Whether installed in residential or commercial locations these detectors are proven to save lives.

Central Vacuum Systems

Installation of a Central Vacuum Unit accompanied by a hose kit and power brush makes vacuuming a breeze. Plug the hose into the wall and enjoy less noise, more vacuum power and cleaner air today.

Installation of a central vacuum system is an improvement on your home investment. The vacuum system and its benefits are especially evident among users that have had one in their home before, and recognize the benefits of having a versatile and lightweight alternative to an actual vacuum unit.

Intercom & Phone Systems

Intercom Systems allow users to communicate with one another through hands-free operation.  

Phone Systems in residential and commercial applications enhance communication. Digital phones, mailboxes, user extensions and conferencing are some of the features a Phone System provides.

An installation specialists will be able to help you select from a variety of features and the newest technology available. Our friendly staff will also review and show you the features of your new intercom /Phone system and answers  any questions you may have about how best to use them.

Entertainment system

You don’t have to select a system and try to make it fit your home needs. Our experts will review your needs, and help determine what fits your home best. The room size, and the type of system you choose will be wired for the best sound and visual quality you want. Our expert installation process works according to the design you have outlined. We will create an entertainment center that you and your family can enjoy with a look and feel that is natural and visually pleasing.

•    Surround sound speaker systems
•    In-wall speaker units
•    HD systems and wiring
•    Projector systems
•    Lighting electrical systems
•    Complete wiring solutions

With our home entertainment design and installation experts, you will be able to determine what works best for your entertainment needs and get the best quality of sound. The design phase will also take into consideration the existing room layout and how it will affect the type of sound and quality you will get.