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Q. Will installing DSL high speed internet access affect my alarm system?

A. Adding a DSL internet service might interrupt your alarm systems’ ability to communicate to the alarm monitoring station. Just as filters will need to be added to phone lines upon installation, they will also be added to the security system. We offer inexpensive installation of filters or do it yourself kits. It is important and these FILTERS MUST BE INSTALLED to ensure that your alarm system is communicating with the security monitoring station.

Q. How often should I test my security system?

A. Promaster Security Group recommends that security alarm systems are tested on a monthly basis. Also, remember that when you have work done or changes in installation for your phone line, DSL internet, or changed service providers for any of these, we recommend testing your security system by sending a signal to the Central Monitoring Station.

Q. How do I test my security system?

A. Promaster Security Group helps you test your alarm system. First, place a call to the Central Monitoring Station and have the security system placed on test mode. Next, trigger the alarm system and let the siren sound for 45 seconds. Then, turn the security system off. After, call the Central Monitoring Station again to verify that a signal was received from your alarm.

Q: What is a monitored security system?

A: A monitored security system provides top level protection by using sensors and control electronics at your home or business to automatically communicate alarm events to our Central Monitoring Station. Our monitoring station automatically receives coded information from alarm systems which are recorded in our computer systems and reviewed by our team. Promaster Security Group trained operators are monitoring systems around the clock for any alarm situations and are ready to alert police, fire and medical personnel to respond.

Q. My alarm keypad is beeping. What could be wrong?

A. When the keypad beeps or displays messages you have not seen before, this may be indicating that your security system needs to be serviced. The cause could be something simple such as a power failure, or something significant such as a problem with your security systems’ ability to transmit communications. To resolve, simply calling our office with a description of the sound and display on the panel and we will provide a quick answer and solution.

Q. My smoke detector is chirping or beeping, what does that mean?

A: The sound can come from a variety of sources in the building, or even another device such as a cell phone or cordless phone. Often the source is an electrical smoke detector with a back up battery that is low and needs to be replaced.

Q: Is it true that I can get a discount on my homeowners insurance if I get a security system installed?

A: Yes, a majority of insurance companies give discounts in rates when a security alarm system is installed. Upon installation of Promaster Security Group system, you may request a certificate indicating you have had a security alarm system professionally installed. You can use that certificate to verify with your insurance company that a security system installation has been completed.

Q: What happens if my phone lines are cut?

A: If a security system is cut off from phone communication with the monitoring system, it will trigger a siren alarm to sound on the premises only. A cut phone line will not send any distress signals for response unless a backup system is installed. Our expert security staff can discuss various options such as GSM radio backup unit that will overcome phone line problems, and ensure that your security system operates properly.

Q: How do I know my system is working and being monitored?

A: If you have a monitored alarm system installed, you can test your system as often as you like. Call our Central Monitoring Station and we will assist you. Upon initial installation, Promaster Security Group can also program an ALARM TIMER TEST. This will regularly send a test signal from your security alarm system to our monitoring station. If we do not receive a proper signal, our team will contact you to ensure that everything is okay and working properly.

Q: What happens to my security system if the A.C. power fails?

A: Promaster Security Group security systems have a backup battery that will power your security alarm system for several hours in the case of a power failure. When the power is restored, the backup should re-charge itself. Regular maintenance checks are recommended to ensure that this is operating properly.

Q: Do I need an alarm permit?

A: Promaster Security Group installation experts can help you meet city permit requirements. Each city has different requirements, therefore please call your city hall for information on permit requirements for security or fire alarms prior to installation.