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Residential security system

Alarm system is an effective deterrent to both burglary and intrusion. So effective, in fact, that your insurance company may provide you with a discount of up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance premiums once your alarm system has been installed.

Whether or not you should install a home alarm system---and what degree of protection you need is a question only you can answer, but there is no question that a home alarm system, combined with commonsense measures such as good locks and security lighting, substantially reduces your attractiveness as a target.  If it has ever happened to you, you’ll never forget the feeling.  You return home to find your front door slightly ajar and your house turned upside down: drawers pulled out, clothing and possessions strewn everywhere and empty holes where your TV and stereo used to be.  It’s an unfortunate reality of modern urban life, and no one is completely immune any more


Packages   Please contact us to ensure you are choosing the package right for you!


Entry Level Package Basic Package with Smoke Basic Package with 2 Motions Wireless Package Colour Touch screen Package
Control panel with battery backup 6 zone 6 zone 6 zone 6 zone 8 zone
Keypad 1 1 1 1 1
Motion Detector* 1 1 2 1
3 Door sensors 2Dr Sensor
1 Indoor siren
1 Electric Smoke Detector        
Lawn sign
Window/ Door decals




PROMASTER SECURITY  installation team of experts have the knowledge to setup your security or alarm system to work with VOIP systems using GSM radio solutions to transmit alarm signals. Without proper installation, your alarm system will not work, and this could easily deter the purpose of having your home OR business protected.

With our GSM radio solutions for VOIP systems, your business OR home can keep the newest technology in place and enjoy the benefits of a security system.

Call us today to provide you with a customized security system